Our Brands

We offer innovative, industry-leading, science-based nutritional health solutions to further the role of nutrition in the management of health and the prevention of disease.

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Compat Ella Logo
Compat Ella® is an innovative new portable enteral feeding pump More about Compat Ella®
Isocial Logo
Nutritionally complete, isocaloric formula for tube and oral feeding More about Isocal
Optifast Logo
Low calorie nutrition with high quality protein, vitamins and minerals for weight management More about Optifast
Oral Impact
Clinically proven and patented nutritional solution to improve immunity More about Oral Impact
Peptamen Logo
Nutritionally complete, peptide based semi-elemental formula More about Peptamen
Resource Diabetic Logo
Resource Diabetic is a nutritionally balanced diet that meets International Diabetic Guidelines More about Resource Diabetic
Resource Whey Protein
100% high quality whey protein powder with neutral taste More about Resource Whey Protein
Nutrition supplement with probiotics and prebiotics for people who need extra nutritional support More about Sustacal